Screenshot / Longyearbyen at night


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    Dude, this is beautiful. 

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    Very cool idea with the blacktile here Jeff. 

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    Was great watching you improve during this contest, Geoff. Nice work.
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    This was such a surprise for me to see, and you executed it really well. You've come a long way!

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    I don't see why people adore this to be honest. I guess the NE community is easily impressed by black titled melancholic surprises like these.

    The road lines ruin the aurora light in my opinion. I also don't get why you left out land texture in this scene? And the mix between snow covered and bare foliage doesn't make any sense.

    Sorry if I sound rude. I'm really impressed by the development of your skills and I'm sure you will become better and better, but this scene was a miss for me.

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    yeah "Was great watching you improve during this contest, Geoff. Nice work."

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    I find this semi-abstract/ impressionist scene to be absolutely stunning! The colors are so satisfying together. 

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    This was a brilliant idea and really caught me off guard... already a solid candidate for best idea at the 2021 awards lol.

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    Very good Geoff. Unlucky the other entry did this idea with a stronger "effect", but you could say yours was classier ;)

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