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    The checkerboard texture there is terrible but disregarding that, it's quite a nice screen; The church has a nice shape and the fountain on the path towards is the church is also pretty good.

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    this is lovely geoff. so clean, but lots of texture. nice job.

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    Don't listen to Fredd...if you want checker, go checker. I love this start.
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    I get the tiles comment though.. not that sure yet.. I mean, I want some sort of checker floor but still need to determine what color(s) I should go for...
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    I love the checkerboard, it's the one thing to make this screen stand out. The church and the causeway look good. Foliage needs work, and rockwork is all over the place, so maybe natural environments will be the next aspect of your game to improve?

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    Really nice stuff Geoff. excited to see what you'll do h2h

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    Good going with the checker board floor. There’s churches that have that and I don’t recall any churches on NE making use of it. Though I’d just use black and white only.

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