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    That's truckin cool.

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    The truck is awesome, supports and the coaster look awesome. If you're looking for dat crunch underneath to break up the cement a bit more, try layering over the Tolsimir snow piece in a darker grey or black. Excited to see the full design. 

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    Shit, you're going to beat me to it. Yours is also miles better. Can't believe I didn't think to use 4D track! Well done.

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    Yeah that truck is super awesome, something about the lighting makes it look far more convincing and realistic than probably any other vehicle I've seen in the game.

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    The good grey. Like the subtleties you added. And ride design is great of course, your speciality.

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    I respect the lack of palette. Ride design is great as mentioned. 

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    I love you
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    Amazing screen. That truck and surroundings look so realistic. The coaster tower looks a little high for this kind of coaster to me, but I'm no expert on coasterlayouts. 

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    Yippee-ki-yay mothertrucker.....


    Great screen, love the details you put in the support work.

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    Figured I'd talk up the gantry crane since it's getting no love atm.

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    Very ugly, great job. The crane is also my favourite bit, with the monorail cabin hanging underneath. The debris of that grey structure in the background is a bit crude perhaps.

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    is this what you cool people call crunch?


    i would suggest to throw some more textures onto the tarmac, FK made a good comment here.

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    Awesome work

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    gee! cool truck

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    haha, great use of that wall object

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    Excellent stuff, very convincing, and as has been commented that truck is really great. Those corrugated steel wall objects are close to being a little dodgy as far as "normal" RCT aesthetics go, especially maybe for the containers on the bottom left of the screen as they stand out more against the tarmac, but they're acceptable and I gotta say they really work for the truck, combined with your other object choices there it makes the vehicle feel almost like a specifically created custom object. Also echoing FK's comment about crunching up the tarmac a bit more, if nothing else to create better contrast with the grey-colored building which blends a bit as it is. Good work, excited to see more!

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    Love this. Some great support work and details in here!
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    Thanks a lot for the responses everyone! Will definitely crunch the tarmac up a little more. Also glad that the truck went over well!

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