Screenshot / ~NEW FOR 2016!~ Windjammer Inlet Park -- Intamin Blitz


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    What's funny is that this is the most finished screen I've ever posted, and it's not even actually finished lol

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    Looks nice but try and limit your diversity of foliage, right now there's oaks next to willows next to pines next to maples next to cedars.  Consider geography and stick to 3 or 4 tree types that make sense to be growing there.  

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    As much as I love your skill at NCSO, I love your CSO more. This is some awesome work! Since H2H really showcased your skills, I'm anticipating some great parks from you bro!

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    The unconnected support is a little odd. I like the idea behind having the supports for the fake rockwork, it's a really nice touch I think. Not sure I agree with the four lamps in that tight corner though, too forced and unnecessary.

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    Foliage is all over the place, but the theming is some of the most enjoyable stuff you've done in recent times. Not too much detailing crap.

    I think if you get rid of the bright red lines on the path (what is that!?) and actually the reddish umbrellas too (yellow!), you've got a tight colour scheme going.
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    There are like 4 misconnected supports, 2 of them aren't going anywhere haha. The minor misconnects are no big deal in my eyes, they are bound to happen. 

    Whats the slide lift meant to be?

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    I like the setting and the atmosphere! The pink color for the umbrellas seems a little out of place for me, but the blue building on the other hand works very well here. Great screen!

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    The supports are fine to me, the overath aesthetic is worth some of them not connecting on all 4 views. Plus, its basically impossible to make supports of this density connect but not glitch on track like this, so you did a overall good job. But I do think you need one more support on the high turn right after the launch.

    Still think it's weird that you have the rock supports facing the path, normally stuff like that is hidden from the midways (Expedition Everest).

    Lastly I think the top bit of the aqua building needs something more, kind of seems bland compared to the rest.
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    That slide lift being used as one of those gemstone mining type things is brilliant.

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    It's a bit messy being unfinished and all but what's there looks great.  Clean it up a bit and you're good to go by me.

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    The screen is great, but the park name is terrible.

  • Xeccah%s's Photo
    Luckily its a design though haha
  • Lagom%s's Photo

    This is lovely. The colors are amazing and the atmosphere is great!
    I like your style!

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    Agreed with Liam on this one. However, I further suggest changing the support colors; they blend with the rocks behind them. Make the supports pop! Or change the rock colors, I suppose. Great work.

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    Im currently rethinking the foliage to make it less of a mess in this design. that, and ill probably end up changing the supports to a dull red. thanks for your crit.
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    Amazing detail and theming. I like all the buildings here, but that central building really stands out to me as being particularly good.

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    Good architecture.

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