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    I know I said I liked the colors yesterday, but I think the coaster could benefit with a different color, and use the magenta as an accent color.

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    Love the bold colors. Only thing I’d consider is the archway over the queue entrance seems one or two units too short. Looks like peeps have to duck down to get in the queue
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    Do you never stop building? 


    It looks cool, but I'd like to see you take a bit more time on a project and really find your next level.

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    “The San Antonio minor league baseball team, the Missions, honor the matriarch of the Latino family, the Abuelita, and her symbol of strength, discipline and love- The chancla (Spanish for sandal/flip flop) has long been symbolic of the Abuelita as she maintains the structure and order of la familia.” - San Antonio Missions

    This coaster is the opening ride in my park inspired by Six Flags Fiesta Texas, replacing Goliath (because who needs to see another batman clone). Thanks to Hyrdo for helping with the flip flop statue.

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