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    Holy fuck it's Nokia. Always thought it was strange how you quietly faded away. Screen is a little rusty but it's charming and classic for sure.


    Do you know about OpenRCT?

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    Life kinda happened but good to be back playing. & Yeah I saw but I'm using a chromebook... It mentioned having to run on linux and boy is that like a whole other language for moi 

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    OpenRCT runs on windows and MacOS, so no need for complicated stuff. Quite a bit of NCSO these days, there's even been two NCSO spotlights in the last 4 years





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    Welcome back! :) 

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    The exit path blending into the roof is great.

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    I get a really classic/pseudoLL vibe from this that I'm kinda liking; hopefully you can get Open working!

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    Be sure to join the discord for peak RCT engagement.

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    It's good to see you back!

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    First time back in the game in probably 10ish years. Limited building/hacking atm because RCTclassic sucks. I know NCSO wasn't everyones cup of tea 10 years ago so please be kind :)

    This is from a finished project called Log Runner. Simple mine-train-esque ride with a roller coaster version and a log flume version. I will post the park eventually, but I'm having difficulties exporting parks on my Chromebook. If anyone has tips or a solution I'd greatly appreciate it.

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