Screenshot / Ben Schiff Wild Mouse (small/junior sized version) (recreation)


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    comment below
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    I like it a bit, now develop some context.

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    I like it a bit, now develop some context.

    I know.


    Here's what small size schiff wild mouse looked like:

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    I’m kinda struggling to find the point of this at the moment. We’ve seen you attempt this layout multiple times, and there’s minimal differences or elevation from one iteration to the next. I think it’s great that you’re so passionate about this more obscure coaster type, but I’d love to see you really go far in the execution; use custom scenery to really go full throttle with the supports, make a great station, some surroundings... Right now you’re basically just giving us a basic layout with filler supports, and the layout isn’t exciting enough to stand on its own.
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    It's nice, but I wish there was more. I'm only seeing a few track pieces and I wish I could see more. Parks need more than a couple attractions in order to keep guests satisfied. I would recommend adding a few more rides in order to occupy your guests.

    It would have been great if you had made some facilities or what we call "back-stage areas". That would help with the realism of the park. Right now I'm not believing this is a real park. I want to believe.

    I also think this park would benefit from more placemaking. Is this actually near a ski resort? Is it in Hawaii? Where are we supposed to be? Essentially I'm asking where the park is located. Creations that are specific about that are better and I think you have room to improve. Once you decide where this Schiff Wild Mouse park is you can begin to develop a theme for it.

    People who go to parks (also sometimes called park-goers, though that is more of an industry term) will need to use the restroom or else they might pee in the gardens and cause a give attraction to close down for a while. Here is some reading on that: https://www.allenpoo...ool-urine-tips/

    Essentially I think you need to add bathrooms for guest satisfaction.

    So all in all I think this park is a good start but I would like to see some more thought put into your design work. Once we begin to see that I think you will begin to get more positive feedback. You won't be able to get better over night, this takes a lot of time. Just keep at it. That said, high pass. Sincerely, Xtreme97.

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    Nicely done; I realized something was up when I got to the part about the ski resort and Hawaii. Then I recognized it for sure.


    I agree fully with robbie and Liam.

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    Build it.

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    my idea was build a small park with szenerie there you can add all of your ben shiff creations to look nicer ;)

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    Build it.

    I did. 

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    i think he means that it would be nice to also build some surroundings and context around the coaster, instead of having it sitting on a flat plain of grass. 

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    Layout is good.  Now work on the surroundings.  Add the fence surrounding the ride, the "Wild Mouse" sign at the top, station building, queue line and exit path.  And get rid of those supports, you can make cleaner and more realistic ones with CSO.  Half the ride is resting on floating supports right now.

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    not bad, but where are the inversions

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