Screenshot / Grapevine @ Funtopia


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    comment below
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    Super nice. I love the fallen I. brilliant

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    Okay now this concept kicks ass

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    Goddamn, this is awesome

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    That's a big floating piece of stairs there.


    Love the sign work.

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    Fun scenario, great reimagining. Love to see this!
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    Agreed with Tolsimir, that is worth fixing.


    Lovely screen and project.

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    That's a big floating piece of stairs there.

    sorry i'll fix it before anyone sues

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    That's a big floating piece of stairs there.


    That's why I hate doing anything with coaster supports and catwalks... either it's too far away or it's too glitchy :D


    This is looking very un-alex-esque... branching into new territory. It looks good but I feel like this is maybe a stepping aside from your unique style of park making that we've all come to love. Small sample size though, one screen doesn't tell the whole story obviously.

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    Gorg sis, just gorg

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    Good vibes

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    Vapegrine returns. 

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    I swear by using wood coaster track one unit below the real track with those catwalks. It works wonders...
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    Absolute gorgeous stuff
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    u blow 

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    Soooo good.

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    i love to see more people use save game szenarios to bring it into the 20th century great work

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    Very exciting screen :|

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