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    Ok now thats cool af. That gradient is sick! I love the roundness of the inversion and rings versus the straight edges of the incline and lines. Stellar 

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    Beautiful roll and a legendary comeback for this project

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    You're one of the first to really use grain in RCT. Can't wait to see it.

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    looks great

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    This is art
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    sizzle sizzle

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    Looks like a nice evolution of this style. Well done

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    Love this. If kitsch, still pretty

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    This looks awesome. Great stuff. 

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    Seems the 7 year wait period has paid off in spades, the modern development of rct objects and styles has made this a beautiful project! Great work FK. Anticipating it's release!

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    Wow. The next few weeks are gonna see some insane new parks/designs
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    Wtf. I'm excited for this one

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    Damn dude... I really can't wait to see this, always a fan of abstract and artistic stuff like this.

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    this looks awesome!

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    very nice :)

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    How can this be so abstract and simple, yet so mindblowing? Amazing work.

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    Thanks for all the love everyone. Knowing how abrasive this style has been in the past, I was expecting a lot more 'Lolz, okay bro' responses. Excited ya'll will get to check it out soon.

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