Screenshot / Playing around with the brushtool


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    comment below
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    finally some good fucking food

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    Hmm interesting
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    Hello secondrun

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    This is an amazing idea! I love it!

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    Now animate it like that bee movie dude on reddit

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    Start selling RCT art online. I'd frame that one up

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    wtf i love rct now
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    Well, it's pretty

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    this feels like watching a movie but the whole thing is text slowly crawling

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    RCT pointilism

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    I feel like I've just purchased some sand art in a weird glass bottle that will sit on my bathroom shelf for seven years until I decide that trip to the florida keys wasn't actually worth memorializing 

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    Unreal. Like MK98 said, this totally reminds me of secondrun. I take it you used a bunch of 1/4 tile pieces and zoomed out?

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    It looks like a painting from Seurat or Pissarro. It's amazing.

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