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    Could stare at this for hours, I'm in love. Glad you've picked it up again!

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    Amazing screen.

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    Seoul? I thought it looked Spanish. Amazing work either way.

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    Loved everything, especially the white truck  :)
    (In:cities I'm scared, you are on another level - lol)
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    damn is that a minion poster

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    damn is that a minion poster



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    I love minion me me s

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    Absolutely great, love the openness besides the tall buildings. Only eyesore for me is that tall tree in the center whose leafs look like radioactive candy cotton.


    Also I think that truck is too much off scale (which other than that is perfectly on point imo).

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    fantastic screen. this is exactly how i expect a theme park version of a city street to look

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    Obviously insanely good, but for the love of all things holy just change your tree colors, man.

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    that transformer is insane, so many little details everywhere too. looking forward to the rest 

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    This is sick! The transformer photo op is done so well. Its like the perfect mix of a studio and actual city. Love the suspended monorail,  killer. 

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    Love everything about this

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    Just finish this.
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    Love this - so immersive and crisp. Everything looks just right in this screen - except for that monstruous white truck, it's definitely too large, especially when compared to the standard car objects you're using. Going down to 1/4 size might be better, even if that might be a bit smaller than the ideal size.

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    Superclean...lovely plaza...I see you Transformer!

    Btw, still should rename this UniverSeoul's your chance!
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    Looks so great ! I want to see more !

  • Description

    Welcome to Universal Studios Seoul!


    - New York City Tram Tour: KONGfrontation (station)

    - Transformers (Optimus Prime & Bumblebee( Meet & Greet

    - 55 Central Bistro (table service)

    This area rounds out the NYC section of the park. I figure that since it's been almost a year since I've posted a screen of this project, I might as well show you what I've been working on for the past couple weeks. Prior to this month, I haven't touched this project since well before the Grand Tour contest lol.

    Aiming for a nostalgic Universal park feel, while also featuring some new rides and attractions.


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