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    comment below
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    BEHEMO   T    H

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    Great flat, bad kerning

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    more like BEH E M O   T   H

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    In love with the claw ride! Also really like the shape and overall look of the building, might take some time to adjust to the bright red of the roof.
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    Can you put all those letters on one sign all together? The flat ride looks fantastico!

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    love you. now please sign up for h2h 



    these bold colors are excellent

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    As someone who used to have CW as his home park, I can say that this feels incredibly true to real life. The subtle details like the paving wear and tear, the curbs, the ride signs, and the flat itself are all excellent. My only quibble is the canvas roofs in the upper left corner of the screen; that texture doesn't read well as canvas.


    EDIT: Sign is great too, very true to life! I know there's the kerning issues but that's pretty unavoidable with RCT's angles. 

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    why are so many dutch soccer fans there 

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone, I know the sign looks a little bit messed up haha, but it was the best option I could think of to emulate to the real thing

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    Really like this, great work.

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    That gift shop is great. Only thought is some windows on the left side perhaps?

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    love it. i'd just go with a straight line for the letters so you don't have the uneven spacing effect

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    Great looking Huss Jump 2.  Only the tower feels maybe a little squat for what it is.  But easily the best version of that ride I've seen.  Looking forward to this.

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    That flat ride is immaculate.

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    The Huss Jump 2 doesn't feel realistic at all.


    ... It's open

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone:)


    @bill: haha I was straight up debating waiting until it broke down and then blocking the paths so mechanics cant get to it. I decided it would probably be better to just have it open though

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    Excellent, I’d go with grey curbs.
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    Generally love all the details and the vibrant colors, particularly the custom ride. I agree with others that the canvas is pretty flat.


    I does feel like everything is too spaced out, but knowing this is a recreation it may be a result of the real life scale. 

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    Not bad. The claw ride is unreal, dope work. The building is nice but the red of the roof is too bright, it's distracting. Same can be said about the huge queue awnings of Behemoth, those are just one big square plop.

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