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    Dude you absolutely killed it this round! Definitely the most quiet and tranquil parts of the park.

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    S E R E N E

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    Really beautifully done waterfall. Congrats man on the W
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    gorgeous. great waterfall and i love the stilt bridges woo

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    The whole park was great but I loved this section both for the natural setting but also the serene atmosphere with the cliffside buildings.  I know it might be a tough sell in H2H but an expanded map in this style would be cool to see.  Sort of an updated take on a Cliffs of Utopia.

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    This palette is probably the best water has ever looked in RCT, and you really took advantage of that by making the ground texture sand and placing the objects on the bottom. As a result the pool looks crystal clear, fitting for the tropical setting, and just so realistic.

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    Sort of an updated take on a Cliffs of Utopia.


    Sign me the fuck up

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    i agree "S E R E N E"  :)

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