Screenshot / RuPaul’s Drag Park I


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    I think your planters and tree colors could use a little sprucing up, but this looks exciting, full scale FK solo is going to be wild.

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    Wow, spectacular. But if I can make one critical note: the seating area at the top of the screen may as well come from a 40% scoring park, if you know what I mean. It lacks design.

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    not enough slurs, 5/7


    jk this is really good an creative, interesting to see some realism from you

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    Where's my girl latrice.

    No vanjie, no score
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    You're going to hit the object limit at 25%.

    Love the colors and lots of the details, but there's an overabundance of very loud textures that overwhelms the screen.

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    dont spoil your h2h ideas

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    Shogo called, she probably said... DAYUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!
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    This is kinda crazy and looks cool, but I don't get any of the references. Sure it will be incredible to anyone who watches Drag Race. 

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    Wait how did you do the path textures? Specifically the transitions from curvy to checkerboard?
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    oh this is sickening omg, werk. 

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    This is really good! all the micro detail is insane (that lip stick though)! I've never seen the show so I'm sure I'm missing out on some of the references/details. My girlfriend is a big fan of drag race though so I'm excited to show her this screen:)

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    Thanks for the comments everybody! Definitely things that will change over time in this screen, particularly around the edges.


    Regarding references, beyond the Drag Race/Top Thrill Dragster pun, everything else is pretty easily explained by the knowledge that Drag Queens use makeup. The park will have plenty of references for fans, but if people can't enjoy it because of those references then I haven't done my job right. 


    @otter, the checkerboard path is a combination of different path pieces including raised pieces. With some careful TI work, was able to create the checkerboard underneath with the neutral path above.

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    This is actually pretty dope, but still feels a bit sterile all things considered. Perhaps some sort of elevation change would be beneficial?

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    Ah, yeah should've known TI would come in handy. 

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    I love it

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    Never seen this show, but damn this is pretty.

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    and for your mini challenge you must ride this coaster in FULL drag. lol


    So happy that my 2 favorite things are finally intersecting, Great work! 

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