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    i dont think a firetruck can get there, start over.


    just kidding, looks good. looks like that dirt workshop was very useful.

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    Nice park Fredke

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    This looks spanking

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    The waterfront area is great
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    Man, I just remembered your 2017 screen Poseidon. Just blows my mind how far higher quality this is against that, in every way. And I still think that screen is really good. Not a good comparison but goes to show how much improvement you've shown through consistently building all the time.


    Love the archy here, those waterfront structures are so fresh!

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    I like how open this feels especially the left hand side, my eyes were drawn to the colours and shapes immediately 

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    Great work, so much better than where we started on this. It’s starting to look much more integrated together.
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    This looks really cool. Those domes fit perfectly and that ride looks really fun. I would consider changing the light blue fences to the same color as the rest, to bring it more together. Would also consider turning the path one quarter so the bricks are perpendicular to the general walking direction. 

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