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    lovely screen. i think it would benefit from punchier track colours for the duellers tho.

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    I agree with Alex, the pinker peach and a brighter green might provide some added pop to the racer ride. The rest of it (both screens) looks like a lot of fun. Feels very believable. 


    Wild, wild horses
    couldn't drag me away


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    I really like the maintenance track, even though the perpendicular placement is a little odd in terms of planning. Nice screen.

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    this came out lovely!

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    The compressed air tanks are so bomb. Lovely screen overall. I kinda agree with the colors now that I look at this longer. Maybe make the coaster colors more playful/ brighter.

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    Love the screen, agreed with Alex to change up the coaster colors. The dull green and peach are too subtle and blends in too much. Brown supports don’t help either.

    I’d suggest bright yellows, oranges, or purples (since you have it in the station already).
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    This is awesome! Would love to ride a coaster like this in real life!
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    I can comment with a long list of nitpicks, but instead I'd like to say that this is my favourite work from you that looks very nice as a whole. Very alive.


    Okay, one nitpick. Or maybe the sum of ten nitpicks: total fence anarchy in this screen. I'm not going to count the number of fence types in this screen but it's definitely into the double digits. Bring it back to... three or four at most, systematically applied.

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    ^I think it's 11 different fence types :p


    I agree with Liam, it is your best work yet

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    Sorry for the second screen! I was planning on including this area in my last screen but there wasn't space and I just love this so much I had to share it as well! This is also part of the Nature Pass area of my new park based off North Fork (which is based off Silver Dollar City). The coaster is basically West Coast Racers and Pony Express combined into one awesome racing ride. The midway is also dominated by a twin S&S Tower ride, Eagle Nest. In this screen, I really try to focus on a beautiful setting with mostly realistic backstage happenings. The upper left corner has not been worked on yet but I hope you can overlook it. Enjoy!

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