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    You're very underrated! This is an amazing screen.
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    Love this interpretation of those rides, turning them into a Batman and Robin-inspired ride is perfect, I'm liking the old power plant-style station too. 

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    Great to see this development from you. Seems like you're getting better fast. This looks lovely. Not an easy coaster (duo) to handle in RCT.

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    Oh man this is so excellent. Top notch work!

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    Fuck I love this, everything from the queue to the plaza, the whole deal.  Maybe would have preferred a zero g-roll to a cork on the spike but I like how you went for something a bit different.  Fantastic work!

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    looks excellent - the thing that is holding it back at the moment is the ambient foliage. i wanna see some more considered tree choices clumped and in gradients rather than the smattering of trees inside the two halves of the ride. it looks clumped to the right and above the road so thats great

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    Maybe try changing the rail color of that rmc-piece to grey. Looks a bit jarring.

    Agreed with Sammy on the foliage too.

    Other than that, great screen.

    Digging the station building and the custom woodie supports.

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    not sure about the track layout but love the brickwork

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    Those ramps are very cool, and I love the color scheme. Looking really nice!
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    Loved seeing this develop over VC over the past few days. The map is looking sick.

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    Has a really fresh vibe to it, I dig it!

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    Infrastructure is excellent. The supportwork and backstage stuf. Also mega bonus points for the premier dueller, what a layout u mad ehere. I agree wirh nin something fresh about this, like a one of a kind American park that probably has some interesting history and survival through economic turmoil and potential merger opportunities that it declined .. like nah im just gnna do my own thing. Tight. Proper h2h ad to say the least
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    Try a yellow awning, instead of grass green, on the brick station! That detail should be a pop of color, not blend in w/ landscape.


    Cool setting, I like the industrial details. interested in that hybrid wooden coaster in the bottom corner.

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    Thanks everyone for the kind words! I've been having a blast building on this and this coaster came together pretty quick! For those wondering about the corkscrews over zero-g-rolls, this is what the coaster is inspired by. I didn't wait a straight up recreation of the chiller.

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    couldn't even imagine where to begin with those supports. really impressive, lovely vibe!

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    I love it, and I really like that you went with corkscrews. You're ascending to a new level, but the foliage is lagging behind a bit. Unfinished?

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     the foliage is lagging behind a bit. Unfinished?



    No, Im just bad at that xD

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