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    Been seeing the screenshots you've posted to reddit. Very nice stuff. Foliage is a bit too bright green I think, I'd use less of the tall grass.

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    well this is pretty f*****g hot, agree on the tall grass comment, wouldn't replace with trees if you do change the grass, i think you've got the right amount already there, so probably some other shrub or nothing at all.

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    Love the coaster, fences and curviness look good too.

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    Great work, but the foliage needs improvement to make this legitimate. Right now it’s sort of paint-bucket-ed over everything and the tall grass is sort of standing by itself every time you use it.

    Check out my foliage videos (on NE YouTube) and get some ideas for approaching foliage placement
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    Thanks everyone! I’ve made some updates to the foliage to take some of that lime green out. Overall a tad darker now with some extra color accents.
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    Very nice. Maybe the path is a bit naked? Just in comparison everything else is quite detailed. 

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    very good

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    Did you ever post a final version I missed?  Would love to see your park file.  Trying to recreate this myself.  Great work!

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