Screenshot / Throwback Thurs - Bridge at the End of the World (2004)


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    this is awesome! I love the repetition of the pillars and curves. You've always been great at finding a color scheme and sticking to it

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    I vaguely remember this. We should definitely add it to the site.

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    Is there a copy somewhere?

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    Oh this is an old screen, I see. Even if it doesn't have a file, we can still add it to the site for reference, and for more organised archival work (=hunting).

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    Yes, we can hunt, and I'm trying to run thru my mind why I don't have the file.  As it is, I'm happy enough for the screen, as I'd almost forgotten making this, though it is rather inescapably bueno, so I must have. 

    Total (happy) accident that I found this today.

    Oh, and thank Josh.  I find that I do love my colors.

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