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    I'm not a fan of this, sorry. It's incredibly messy and all over the place. The coaster element frames the carrousel nicely, but I don't think the roof works, as well as the totally different textured mine scenery piece next to it.
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    I think this is pretty cool. Def a bit messy like faas said, but it shows promise.
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    Love the building next to the Mecha sign. Great shape and interesting aesthetic.

    The rest of the screen is definitely chaotic and unfocused, could do with a clean sweep to tidy up the edges.
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    That doesn’t look LL :p yeah it’s got some potential
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    I agree with what's been said. One thing that bothers me are the MASSIVE signs. There's a MASSIVE sign that says 'Mechaland', at the end of a dead end path. In front, there's a MASSIVE sign that says whatever, that completely covers the path from this angle. Imagine you're a peep there. Look to the left, there's a MASSIVE sign towering above you. Look to the right, and there's another MASSIVE sign taking away all the sunlight. If anything, you just accidentally created Time Square.

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