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    *grabs lotion*

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    The trains were my favourite parts of this map. Just so well done overall.

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    Brought the map to life with all the little trains and vehicles

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    Jappy should be jealous.

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    that's one thicc steam engine. Of course I loved this area.

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    The trains were definitely a highlight

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    Some of the most realistic/accurate trains I've seen made from scenery. Fantastic stuff.

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    It's hard to get a good screen of work that mostly I did, so I choose to put 2 of my favorite things in this, the Logan's Run Mural and Engine 41. The train was one of the first real things that was built but was later improved upon and we got this. The mural was not planned but I just wanted to see if I could make something that looked like Logan and the team loved it so it stayed.

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