Screenshot / Screaming Eagle Station, Rocksmash, and Boulderdash


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    fucking sick
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    Dang this is lookin hot, love switchback 

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    I love this!
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    Really clean and well put together, which I appreciate very much

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    Wow, very classy looking. Love the low wall effect mixed with the LL style path railings.

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    So sweet.

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    I think you can do more with the queue! specifically, have it go on a bit more of a journey rather than stay in its little box

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    Fantastic, some of my favorite stuff in a long time
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    big boooy

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    Very classy stuff otter. The pink flowers are super cute!

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    Absolutely mint NCSO. The GG woodie with the mine train as the first car is adorable. The /////// signs make for some great texture too.

  • Description

    Just beyond Seneca Canyon, make your way to the back of the park and take a ride on Screaming Eagle! This fan favorite has been thrilling riders for decades! Too long of a wait? Get whiplash riding Rocksmash instead! Would you rather avoid going upside down? Check out Boulderdash!

    Featuring work from Zarathustra as well.

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