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    Very pleasant as always. Great job on this!

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    Pretty chillllll.


    Nice use of rides as string lights. The toadstools and medieval scenery as playground pieces are nice.


    Have you played with other flower coloring?

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    The middle reminds me of the Raspberry Acres water park bit.  Love the atmosphere on this!

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    Cute.  Would love a Beemer roar alarm clock.

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    very quaint! The foliage adds a lot to this scene and is very nicely done. 

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    Have you played with other flower coloring?



    Any color suggestions? Most of this park uses yellow flowers for consistency.

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    I vote dark and light purple with the yellow and pink but away from red for 1/4 tile flower.


    Also dark pink could replace red to go with yellow and the 2 previous purple.


    Bright purple and white in full tile planter instead of the blue


    also 1/4 white can go everywhere no ? i'm not sure, i don't know, i have said too much already.

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    I always like some purple pansies, but now that I look again the yellow is not offensive.


    Colors are always something I alter over and over. It takes a while to find the funk, but it's often easy to just save and let it blast with the paint brush. If these are the non-colorable flowers that may be less true.


    And consistency is cool, but it could also be cool to differentiate. Now I'm just playing devil's advocate. ;)


    Keep it up, don't listen to me!



  • Description

    Ever thought to yourself, "I'm too bougie to stay at the Holiday Inn outside the park"? Or "I want to wake up to loud coasters in the morning"?

    Look no further, we are putting the finishing touches on the Cedar Cabins at Marblehead! These quiant little cabins put you close to the new second entrance to the park and if you're lucky some of the cabins have a great lake front view and beach access!

    Book your trip today.

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