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    What is that path??  Might be one of the ugliest objects I've ever seen in RCT haha.  Super weird aesthetic going on here.


    I think your work is solid, but perhaps looking off of reference photos might help a bit with the forms in your archy and planning.

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    Your coaster layouts are improving. That path is cursed. 

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    Unique. I like it. Don’t like the paths. Maybe build your coasters first and work around them rather than working your coaster around the other content.

    Don’t use reference photos for your style and continue to develop your own trademark and direction in the game. Use a consistent and cohesive style and appearance with your own rules, level of detail, shapes, etc. and stick to it throughout the park, while making it yours alone. That is what is fearless and more respectable in my book than being a clone to some supposed meta or whatever. Have fun. It’s not business. Compete when it pays money.
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    I like your style, listen to Timothy Cross and keep it yours.


    This is garish and crazy, but it's also cool and unique.

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    This is by far my fave screen you've shown.

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