Screenshot / Lost Creek [Before an extended break from RCT2]


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    Interesting use of the canyon rock objects.  Is the checkboard land pattern borrowed from the RCT3 technique?

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    Not so much, haven’t played RCT3 much, just wanted to make more of a state park/national park/high mountain setting for this side piece. Keeping it limited from buildings but more so trying to keep a nature kinda vibe with most of it. Keep it as randomly but make it look like an orderly erosion so it will look natural.

    Another pseudo realistic park I’m trying to work together set in Montana. So a lot more valleys and mountainous, piney terrains.
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    I think you can do more with the rocks in the bottom right. You got all those quarter tile landscaping on the top, but nothing down there. It sort of sticks out.


    My favorite thing from this screen is how colourful you made the mine train though, great work.

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    This is weird and kind of unrefined but I like it. It’s different and had a fun vibe.

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