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    Heck yeah fk, this park is astounding
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    This is outstanding, love the shape of that building. So many cute things inside it too!

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    Favourite building of H2H9

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    Easily the best building of the season. I love the colors and the organic look.

    Not too familiar with the source material, but the street seems a little bit too (dark) grey. I think a different pavement type could have given the street level a bit more atmosphere.

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    Haven't gotten to this H2H9 park yet...but this building.  The furniture!  The glass.  The angles?

    Congrats to you two.

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    Kind of reminds me of a mix between ^ and RCTNW.  You nailed both the micro and macro aspects.  Well done lads.

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    Cheers FK, it was so great and educational to build this park together with a parkmaker of your caliber. Learned a lot from the ambition, vision, macro planning and patience with details that you pushed during the building process. I remember being utterly amazed by building after building - the cathedral was the first you showed, and I was like "holy shit, how does he build these amazing buildings? This will be so great", but then you somehow raised the bar even higher and kept upping it building after building. I agree this one is the cream of the crop, simply stunning. Loved getting the honor of doing the interiors!

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