Screenshot / Captain Splash' Revenge


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    comment below
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    this soup is good, it is good soup

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    Crunchitize me, Cap'n!


    I really enjoy the use of the NCSO pirate ship flag texture.

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    This is sick. Some of your best work. Very atmospheric and feels very Frontierland to me.. in a good way of course!
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    God I'm in love

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    really good! only wish you'd reconsider the top spin, it looks out of place in a bad way, open up that area ever so slightly and do a custom one that fits the entire scale better

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    Great stuff Jappy, really like this screen.  I do with you'd clean up the ride entrance though by hiding the scrolling sign and adding a bit more identifying details that would help make it more clear where the entrance is.

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    Easily some of your best work. So far this park cements your parkmaker status no doubt.

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    lay it on me thick

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    Man I love this.


    I agree with G Force though - having a sign element would be hugely beneficial here. Get rid of that scrolling sign, add some larger identifier, maybe pop a ride attendant out there with an umbrella and voila

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    Really awesome screen! You're in your prime :)  Only thing I'd suggest is to add fences at the stairs to the table area and hide the small part of the spillwaters lift where the standard supports are visible. 

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    Great work Jappy.


    regarding the queue entry: the wall and archway offers a natural spot for entrance signage, so I would suggest removing those 2 tiles out front and then just theme the archway a bit - maybe some kind of splash shapes.

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    Very nice stuff Jappy. So busy, and I can see you're trying to push the details.


    Please don't burn out from following your formula too much. I sense a mild potential for that in this screen. You should keep allowing yourself to do things where you have no idea if they will work, little experiments outside the box that keep you curious. I think you're at a level now where you can more easily make use of them without losing a lot of time. You understand which routes to follow, and which not.


    Much looking forward to this park.

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    Easily your best stuff

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