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    The Hammocks are super cute. It's really a fun screen. I also like the "Shack" a lot. I feel like the previous Tropical Town screen was a bit stronger, perhaps because the sand and similarly colored path tend to dominate a decent portion of this screen whereas they were smaller and not as overpowering in the earlier screen.

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    All the path transitions are not working. At all. What are those brown quarter tiles anyway?


    Shame, it'd be a really cool screen otherwise.

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    Every time I see a new screenshot from Vitaminland I get excited. I agree with Liam about the brown quarter tiles but everything else about this screen is perfect. The large number of peeps and exciting colors make an already lively screen really come to life.


    The hammocks are a great idea (though I don't know if being a lazy ass parent really fits the theme of the park) and the foliage is great. I wish I could be half as good as you are at foliage.

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    Agree with Liam about the path, but that is really the only downside to this screen. Lovely warm atmosphere, awesome. 

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    Fun, fun, fun!

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    The brown quartertiles are out of place but overall I think the path combinations work perfectly. I love the building and the atmosphere and colours in general are fantastic.

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    pathing colors an issue for sure but charming overall.

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