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    This might be my favorite thing ive seen here for a long time. The scale seems to be small, but i think somehow it also works. Amazing! Cant wait to see it with peeps.

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    I like this a lot too.  It has a very fun garish atmosphere,  similar to something like Luna Park or other early 20th century parks.  Half diagonals in this more mundane midway setting are cool to see and helps it feel fresh.


    The scale is cute and fits well with the style.  The black and purple building seems a little large (at least with what is visible in this screen),  especially if it is just a small outbuilding or midway game/shop.


    The fallen blossoms are a nice touch.  Only missing detail I can spot is a missing railing on the ramp on the upper right.  The stacked edge there looks a little off but there may not be many options,  if you've got a diagonal sloped piece that may look good.

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    Legitimately one of the best up and comers in recent times. I feel like if you and Andrew get a release out this year both of you could become parkmakers. The one negative I have is some of the less colorful sections of path could be broken up with some details.

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    Looks like Divinity Ridge combined with RuytaxRCT(Whichever member used to go by that name). I'm one of those who liked DR and thought it was one of the better spotlights. A good blend of new and old.

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    Great job! I love the daring theme you're going for and it was instantly recognizable for me without reading the info text on the side of the screen.


    My only point for improvement would be that you could make the flat roof color darker so that the difference between paths and flat rooves becomes more readable.

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    Lovely screen. Great colors. That entrance building is beautiful with the large sign and well-designed colums. You could consider to put up some colorful posters on the grey building. Like the ┬┤strangelove poster1┬┤

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