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    This obviously looks great, but I think it would look even better if:
    - you made the secondary path colour a darker brown colour. Now it looks a bit faded.
    - you used different colour footers for the coasters.
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    Pure fire!

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    This slaps periodt
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    So gorgeous and classy. Not sure if I'm totally sold on the two shades of green paired together on the coaster station

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    The stonework is incredible.  Very inspiring.

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    togo swag witnessed 

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    Excellent carousel covering. I think what really elevates this screen (and project) above many others is its smart and deliberate pathing and composition.

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    Just so gorgeous.

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    I'm sorry, where's the grid again?

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    Contemporary interior home design catalogue

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    Gorgeous screen, as usual. Love to see a dueling/racing coaster! I agree with Faas that a darker (brown) path as second path choice would make for better contrast.

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    Lovely stuff.. but I wish the coaster station and the carousel cover where 1-2 units taller.. They seem low. But I guess I'm the odd stickler when it comes to heights 

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    im speechless

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    Stunning stuff, amazing grid-breaking. I like the coaster choice, not a type I've seen a lot of

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    This is amazing, and people will copy the design choices you've made for a while. Reminds me of the way Xtreme/Leon built in round 2 of GT - so many curves, feels way more real than just 90 degree edges, and everything is so clean and precise. 


    The one thing that isn't totally vibing is that green color on the station, doesn't quite go with the other green in the area. It actually works better than it should imo, but there might be another color that feels more natural. 

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    Atmosphere! Great to see coasters! Keep going dude!

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    Awesome screen. Even though the style is so modern the duelling steel coasters are just pure classic RCT joy.

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