Screenshot / Rajasthan


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    This is fine

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    Good lord this park is breathtaking. money shot right here

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    You guys really nailed this, what a fantastic park.
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    Loved the behind the scenes, great read - just commented in that thread. What a great park. 

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    I already geeked out over this park in the thread but god this such a good screen and such a good park. One of the best overall constructed parks of H2H9 if not the best; it comes really close. This is one of the few parks I get genuinely angry at when I look at it for reference because how is anyone supposed to make anything this unfairly good? You're a legend, Andrew is the future, and Ultro kicked ass with his 5% too. Just incredible.

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    Very very nice. Speechless...

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    This prompted me to revisit Raja and my gawd it's still just as good. The architecture is just next level. I remember being sad I couldn't contribute to this park, because it really is a gem and a style of park I've grown to love. The fact people thought I'd made it was oddly rewarding, lol

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