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    comment below
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    throw a shrimp on the barbie

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    Its a blessing to see new work from you. This has your name written all over it!
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    Amazing work, more please!

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    Very nice

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    He back

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    This is the sauce. Really excited to see you building again. Architecturally this is delicious. I think some finishing details would really perfect this, stuff like more benches and trash cans on the paths, tables on the balconies, and some more infrastructure noise to break up the roof. 

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    We're not worthy.

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    Fuck yeah this is excellent.
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    wheres uluru

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    if you had like 2-3x bigger eucalypts i would cum

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    Looks even better than I remember seeing in the Strangelove Discord. Amazing and so good to see you back working on it.

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    a tad more life and fun here and there and this is park of the year material.

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    That's amazing, really pretty archy! With some extra touches like some tables on the second floor and peeps in, this will be a gorgeous piece of rct :)


    Glad to see new Stoksy stuff! Keep it coming.

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    Really good to see you here. Screen is relatively rough around the edges, and missing the finishing touches and peeps to bring it to life. It's mainly the roof colours combined with the path colours that make the screen a tad lacking in depth.

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    Thanks all, it's nice to be (partially) back!

    @Liampie: when taking this screenshot I did wonder why it didn't quite "feel" exactly as I'd imagine it - I'm quite content with the building colours/tones. I might start with a lighter/more faded brick path and see how that goes
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    my boy

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