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  • Lotte%s's Photo

    I like your original recreation of silverwood better

  • pierrot%s's Photo
    I don't know..I see potential but It seems too random right now. especially those foliages.
  • SlayMeGaga%s's Photo

    I love this screen, that mine cart looks so good omg!

  • bigshootergill%s's Photo

    Will tim actually release something soon? Good screen, needs more content though.

  • inthemanual%s's Photo
    I agree with you Pierrot. I liked the foliage a lot when I first made it, but it seems too messy/cluttered now.
  • geewhzz%s's Photo
    I agree with pierrot, but overall I really like it! I think there are just too many different types of trees
  • Austin55%s's Photo

    Yea fix the foliage up some, maybe a bit more in places. Footers for the wooden track might help add some detail to the screen to.

  • nin%s's Photo
    Once this is integrated into the park more it should look better. Right now it's just by itself which feels awkward.
  • G Force%s's Photo

    Use more default trees, the custom ones just throw everything else off.  Also looks kind of bad just because of the unfinishedness, I like everything thats non-organic though, some nice, unique things here.

  • Liampie%s's Photo
    Technically this seems fine to me, but it's not coming together. Wish you'd pick something less ugly to recreate.

    The thumbnail is awesome, by the way. Hopefully there's more of that in this park!
  • Stoksy%s's Photo

    Trees don't make sense together in my opinion. Aesthetically, colour-wise, nothing really fits. Ditch the very light green tree and it'll already be looking better.

  • inthemanual%s's Photo
    ^I agree that it's the biggest offender, but I don't think removing it alone will fix everything. I'm thinking the dark ones or the birches need to go as well. Any thoughts on that?

    Also, Liam, what do you find ugly? Besides the foliage, obviously.
  • Cocoa%s's Photo

    Yay! Love to see you doing shit. I really dig the screen, it just seems spot-on for the amount of theming a park like this would do. good work.


    also, I want those birch trees.

  • Stoksy%s's Photo

    Initially I thought that getting rid of the darker trees would be the way to go, but I tend to think that at least some colour contrast is necessary. I'm a fan of the different colour that the oak adds, and quite like the texture/colour of the Liam trees as well.

    I don't mind the birch trees really, perhaps it's a lack of darker undergrowth (eg the tall grass seems very light in colour) that is making the trees themselves stand out too much?

  • inthemanual%s's Photo
    They're in my court square non-park. Arjan made them.
  • Liampie%s's Photo

    Also, Liam, what do you find ugly? Besides the foliage, obviously.

    To be honest, everything. It's a sprawl of different fences, different paths, different roofs, no recurring textures or colours. No eyecatchers. No flow! You could swap any element with anything and the screen wouldn't get messier.
  • Dr_Dude%s's Photo

    this to me is one of those screens (this is another recent example) where its not notably unfinished but for whatever reason it's missing everything that would provide the screen's gestalt- my brain just reads it as a bunch of unrelated features. it looks like an ivo screen to me.

  • Sulakke%s's Photo

    I have to agree with Dr_Dude. Especially the area behind the red building is very confusing. What is that? An unnecessary back lot? I hope it's due to that it is unfinished. I agree with pierrot and geewhzz on the foliage as well. The screen has got a lot of potential, though. I always like technically perfect executed rapids. And like Liam said, the thumbnail is fantastic. Would be great if you could maintain that level and capture that atmosphere in the rest of the area.

  • robbie92%s's Photo

    It's funny, for those same reasons that people have mentioned about an inherent "unfinishedness" of it all, I find the screen pretty captivating, in that there's a lot of holes I'm mentally filling in. I think with just a bit more deliberate finish on foliage placement in the open areas, it'll feel much more finished.

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