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    Fascinating. Would love it if you could get a lot more peeps in that open path area!

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    ^ Agreed, a few peep trains coming up and some more path work but you're completely right.

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    Lot of promise here, you've really adjusted yourself to new objects and styles very nicely!


    Few things... would be nice if the little bit of queue path was hidden too.  Also make sure the wood deck support posts go under the water ;)

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    Such a fun, unique style. I love the elevated train.


    I'll parrot what others said on the Discord: this could really benefit from an added layer of wear and tear, especially on the paths.

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    Thanks guys, I've made all the feedback so far (minus the paths, which I'll action soon). It's really elevated the entire screen! 

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    So many rich details in here... my favorite works are always those where you see more when you look closely. That rock planter near the bottom is particularly tasty.

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    This is really cute, I love it.

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    I think the floating markets are a really great and original idea to work on. I like what you started. The dull-colored houses around the beautiful blue river look amazing, but I think it needs more of 'The colours, chaos, flavours and atmosphere' you mention in the description. I think this could benefit from a lot of color pops in the centre of the river; make the fruits all different and use more primary colours. Be bold. Also, I don't know how this looks in-game, but be sure to create a lot of movement in this area. 

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    This looks awesome, can't wait to see more. really nice idea and some great scenery uses

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    Bump... This still looks very nice to me. Let's put it up front again. Nice touch with the floating market. Really Bankok style.

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    Just seeing this. Looks really solid dude, tho I wonder if a few taller trees would add some depth?

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    Reply time!


    Terry – Lots more details and small touches to come, thanks for your comment buddy.


    Alex – Thanks mate, would love to send you the park some time to take a look.


    Jene – Great feedback here, especially with the different coloured fruit etc. In the centre, I was focusing on herbs and greens but I agree, it'll just add more vibes.


    Turtle – Thanks man, still get pretty excited when you comment on my work, even ten years on :D 


    Arjan – Thanks for the bump, you'll be seeing a lot of your objects in the park!


    Nin – Thanks mate, will definitely get more trees in the mix. 

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    Very nice jk always a fan of your work... maybe too much corrugated steel roofs here
  • Description

    The floating markets in Bangkok are among the city's star attractions. Almost every traveller has a visit to at least one on their first trip here. The colours, chaos, flavours and atmosphere make it a unique experience, and the novelty of buying a snack from a passing boat takes some beating.

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