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    Hot stuff
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    I love looking at detail work and having no idea how to possibly deconstruct it. Phenomenal as always.

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    That micro muscle.

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    The obscure object knowledge comes in so well here. I've said this a million times but I knew you had to show up for the Thailand round. Kill it in finals for H05 pls

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    J K is still building. All is right in the world. Looks great!
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    Ah JDP!!! I still want to repurpose your coaster in Dreamport for every park I build!

    Are you on Discord?
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    That's awesome. I recently built an Intamin Megalite in a Planet Coaster park and thought of Dreamport. I miss NE, glad to see a lot of familiar names still post.

    I am on Discord, just barely use it.
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    Get on it, so many tracks to consider now, you'd make some killer layouts, would be good to see you around.

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    So good. The ornate stuff is insane but I think what really brought this park to life was how well executed all the plain or 'ugly' buildings were - felt like a true city.

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    So good! Love the darker, moody atmosphere.

  • Description

    Pleasure working with FK on this one, we worked pretty hard to evoke the famous night markets in Chiang Mai giving it the Kratom spin to hit the brief in a different way.

    I did most of what you can see here. FK did the powerlines, map edge effect and road work.

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