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    comment below
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    I love you.

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    Object mastery: Pixar edition

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    Love it, it's full of charming little details! I really like the floral motif on the entrance

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    Such an immersive screen! Love all the vibrant colours, nice job J K!

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    Brilliant screen. I love the fading on the wall and the bleu guitars are such a nice detail.

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    Great screen man, love the fading on the wall which really helps the big building look interesting. Also love all the small details like the candles.

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    Wow! What a beautiful use of color! 

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    but actually I'm liking it but I really think you could jazz those walls way up with some good disney facades. like a mexican themed restaurant, etc etc

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    100% / yes.

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    i dont really understand the appeal of this screen. it reads just as a massive, well-themed box. typically show buildings are supposed to draw as little attention to themselves as possible, either in the way they’re placed or how they’re hidden, because their sheer size makes them eyesores.

    the way you did this actually draws more eyes, both in peep and actual rct viewer’s perspectives, to the gargantuan show building. it just feels compositionally poor, especially in contrast to how great your detailing and creative motifs shine in this screen.
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    I'm trying to find some constructive feedback from that comment Miri but I'm struggling. It's not a show, it's an entrance to an indoor area of the park.


    "Compositionally poor"



    Please leave that negativity out of this topic, I want none of what you're serving.

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    this is a LARGE building and i love it!  i never think any thing like this and its so cool. you sure are chugging through this park, cant wait! 

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    I'm trying to find some constructive feedback from that comment Miri but I'm struggling. It's not a show, it's an entrance to an indoor area of the park.
    "Compositionally poor"
    Please leave that negativity out of this topic, I want none of what you're serving.

    i think you’re reading into my tone a little too much, but i’m sorry if my language comes off as too harsh.

    even as an entrance to an indoor area of the park, you transition from essentially nothing being more than effectively double peep height to a massive, 10 meter high building. i would try to obfuscate all but the very entrance of the building, keeping the motifs and existing design/theming you alreay have there. smooth out the rest with well-placed foliage and facades of other buildings in front (like what real theme parks, particularly disney, does). i think you can do this while keeping the bit before the entrance serving thematically as exposition for coco in general, which i assume is your intention.

    it’s not like i hated this, i gave it a 75%, and i know other bits of this park at least in my eyes are stronger from a composition and design aspect than this indicates. i also don’t give criticism to this to people who i dont think have a similar skill level such as yourself, as it takes someone at that level to really be actionable yet authentic as a response to my, notably harsher (but from a place of love) comments. it’s a sign of respect i feel for me to comment this way; i usually just ignore most other people’s stuff because i know my thoughts wont affect anything, or affect it so much it ruins their original vision.
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    I definitely get the show building intuition conventionally speaking but I love this direction with the show building creating a backdrop/canvas . It reminds me of Kong Skull Island or the Beauty and the Beast ride. Instead of quiet facades and trees obscuring here and there just go BIG with the atmosphere in world buildings. And in that sense, maybe keep extending the gradients and fade out into the skyline so as guests walk by they see auras drifting of finto the sky as ccurrently it cuts off right at the blue lines. Maybe some tiered facades that look like light particles are emitting from it. i could totally see disney doing this and it would be really epic. Imagine if the facades were animated screens showing the land of the dead extending off into the distance! :jawdrop: Revolutionary, as Disney would in this industry. Maybe add shilloutes to the wall! idk some random
    Ideas… I totally get the large facade then indoor aspect, i love that about disney sea because it’s a whole different vibe and it’s a nice place to cool off in the summer.

    Tl;dr, love this vibe. those vines tho
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    Good to see you around Ethan, missed you a lot on the Discord buddy! Great ideas that I'll definitely take into account. Thanks for such great constructive feedback! I feel you'll love this park mate.

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    I'm trying to find some constructive feedback from that comment Miri but I'm struggling. It's not a show, it's an entrance to an indoor area of the park.


    "Compositionally poor"



    Please leave that negativity out of this topic, I want none of what you're serving.

    The feedback was balanced.

    Path environment and decorations: Very nice.  Cozy detail. There's a reasonable sense of place identity, but the buildings says "COCO!" and the path just says "mexican cemetery."  Where's the party or the Calacas, where's the mystery?

    Building decor: pretty zesty.  Cool gradient treatment and relevant iconic imagery.  Using the indoor-outdoor transition to handle the on-theme transition between worlds is clever.  It's good park planning to put the real world in the real world and the fantasy world in the indoor area so you can enhance that submergence-into-another-world effect.

    From here, all I can say is that the storytelling could be better. 
    The path leading up to a magical transition into a fantasy world should be more exciting; this isn't as dramatic as it could be because it is totally flat and the destination building would be obvious the entire way.  The cemetery set changes a bit along the path, but doesn't offer any clear build in intensity or activity or focus as it gets closer to the portal.  If the building structure itself were more in-character, rather than painted with a sign that says the name of the character, then just seeing the recognizable thing in the distance might work to build anticipation.  The castle at the end of main street. But this is not a coco weenie - it's a warehouse.

    Disney is not fond of a noticeably large structure not integrated into the diegetic environment (except in their backlot parks, where the theme is that the building is a studio building, or in the case of a building being outside of a thematic character-world like with Epcot's futureworld).  Since this is a character-movie themed area that isn't obviously a Studios park, my expectation would be that the Disney people character-theme this so that it is like stepping into Coco.  That means Coco character scenes in the graveyard, the portal to the indoor area should be closer to the chapel-on-hill in the film, and that the building structure should not draw attention to itself.  Regardless of how slick the warehouse paint is, there's no warehouses in Coco-world and you're supposed to feel like you're in Coco-world.  

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    I think it is a "Studios" brand park though, as far as I understand? Hence the large structures, housing themed environments and rides which are where the environmental immersion sits. Perhaps it'll become more obvious as J K teases out more screens from the map but from what I've been privy to the outsides aren't intended as immersive envionrments so much as well themed exteriors. Perhaps that could be better integrated here with some skyline level design like the huge city of the dead being part of the mural?


    I do agree though that the path setting could use an extra spark - perhaps a character meet and greet or some kind of more interactive elements. At the moment it feels like a static setting for a guest. I'm sure J K had a solid vision though.

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