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    So... Two years later, this project switched games. Funny how things work out sometimes.

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    Man that's nice, the abstract golf stations are working wonders here. All this post-H2HC LL makes me so happy.

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    Looks nice. Good choices.


    Some people used to hack in a glass ride hut to symbolise doors back in the day. Could be worth a try.

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    This is very sharp.  Nice and clean with some subtle little moments like the path hacking.  Posix brings up a good point about some additional options like an abstract exit tucked away in there but overall this is really awesome.  The flower color is pitch perfect and it's a good use of the manicured shrubs too.  Looks and feels like something alex would do.

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    Some people used to hack in a glass ride hut to symbolise doors back in the day. Could be worth a try.



    That’s a good idea. I was wondering about options for that, I may give that a try later.


     Looks and feels like something alex would do.



    Now that is quite the compliment. I’m really happy with the flowers and foliage. Now that I have an architectural and foliage motif I should be able to expand it across the area.


    Hoping I can maintain this level of quality throughout.

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    I love the building but I actually think it would benefit from a more wild and organic foliage and path style (i.e. dirt path, without hard edges lines), as a contrast to the clean lines of the architecture.

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    Interesting use of car ride track beneath the wood rather than above it. I'm not sure how often I've seen that done (if at all), but it works well to keep the crosshatch of the wooden track while still eliminating the holes.


    Also, you've actually found a realistic thematic use for green diamond objects. 

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    I like how this is some modernist minimalist take on chalet architecture, but it's missing a point of interest, an eye catcher. Perhaps you could do something around the chairlift.

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    I agree with alex- when initially seeing the thumbnail, I expected a more "wilderness-y" setting

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