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    Chaotic but in a fun way - I like the amount of track and the unique trench design.

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    This is great! The helix after the cork is pretty epic.


    On the other hand, there's one thing I actively dislike in this screen: the orange-red-grey building on the left. It's an ugly back facade, the colour combination is not good on its own, and the colours totally clash with the lovely scheme you've got here. Ideally you'd get a thick two tiles deep layer of lush green foliage inbetween as a buffer. When I cover that part of the screen with my hand, the lighthouse pops very nicely!

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    Your totally right, i'll defo change that. sorry about the floating white fence too!

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    what a tangle! looking forward to looking at this in-game! i wonder how fast the train is going through the second half - the MCBR doesn't seem too much taller than the in-line twist, and the train should be able to come to a complete stop in the MCBR if necessary.


    Does it crawl or does it go through alright?

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    Great work here, really liking what you've shown. Agreed that helix is badass.

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