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    this is absolutely gorgeous.

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    I don't know if there's a way to do it but the swinging ship looks under detailed; is there a way to get a fence around it, or something other than just the platform?


    Other than me being a picky SoB, I love the intense lush feel this has!

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    Very interesting! I will agree with Hex on the swinging ship, but even a couple simple 1/4 tile planters surrounding it would probably do the trick. I don't think it'll take much there. Otherwise this is very cool.

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    honestly at this scale I'd just use the default swinging ship. It doesn't sit center aligned with the surroundings so I don't think it makes sense to have it diagonal here - better to put it on that left side so you get a nice view of it from the docks (and then maybe swap over the lil temple and queue structure so you have more space)



    Everything else looks fantastic.

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    Agreed with the above. The landscape and atmosphere is so lush and beautiful...then there's just this half-finished looking custom flat. Would love to see that spruced up and you've got a lovely scene here.

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    It looks different and refreshing. But I don't understand the ride? Or is it one? It looks like it fell onto somewhere where it doesn't belong.

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    I echo the feeling of the swinging ship, it feels like t was just dropped there. No fences, no clear queue, entrance or exit.... In this case the default one would be best IMO. 

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