Screenshot / Quicksilver Mine Train in Allegheny Alley


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    Wow this looks great! Love the wordplay on the signage, and pretty much everything else about this.

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    Coal is not an igneous rock type. 10%.
  • wheres_walto%s's Photo

    Other than the woodie right at water level and default path fencing, I love it

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    damn this is hot
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    Very classic RCT2Day - nice work. Love the kiddie coaster + maze interaction.

  • Hex%s's Photo

    Welcome back, King. 

  • ottersalad%s's Photo

    Maze is pretty neat.

  • nin%s's Photo

    Architecture leaves a bit to be desired. The primary station structure feels pretty blocky and unrefined.

    As whole very pleasant to look at though, the maze is especially cool.

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    Great scott

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