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    comment below
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    yea boi. Fantastic to see this is still around, the top left is unbelievably good

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    Top left is incredible. Damn.
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    That top left screen may be one of the most beautiful buildings I've seen in any RCT game ever.  Wow.  

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    Two words. Got. damn.


    I love every bit of this. Especially the top two, left and middle! The bottom left isn't far off though. Holy hell, it is gorgeous!!

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    Exciting stuff

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    Incredible stuff!

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    I consider what you do in NCSO cheating. This stuff is so good, it should be judged as CSO (and would still get high scores)

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    Does NCSO get any better than this? :p

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    I'm actually jacking off to that top left picture.
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    The one in the top left is certainly very good; the technicality of it is undeniable. However, it's by no means one of the best buildings/structures the game has seen in my opinion. It's incredibly cold and the colors are quite muted (I believe Liam said once your stuff is always some combination of white/green/brown, and I'm noticing it even more now).

    Again, this is all still very good stuff. I just wish the atmosphere was there.
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    Holy shit! This is amazing... I'm not even sure what more to say. Top mid is a fantastic structure.

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    It is amazing, but I agree with Steve that it's all pretty cold. Creatively it's strong, aesthetically it's weak.

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    Looks great, second posix and Steve about the muted nature of the colors.

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    The thumbnail actually shows the weakest of these images.


    The top left is outstanding. Holy shit.

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    Fantastic stuff, definitely looking forward to it!

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    Interesting! Can't wait to see how it all comes together.

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    Thanks guys for the comments.  Glad to see people like the top-left building, I spent about a collective 10 hours drafting then building that structure because it's in the central plaza of the design.  Just submitted so give it a few weeks until it's here.


    With regards to the muted colors, sure I've been using a lot of white and brown in my architecture, but I'm going for a realistic feel that I think isn't always caught in NCSO.  It's meant to be like what you'd find in the Northwestern US in the mountains.  So yeah, it's not as bright as other "cute" NCSO parks, which was my intention all along.

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    Excellent! You have a lot of talent. 

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    I agree with everyone that the top left picture is amazing. Using golf track like that is a game changer. The composition of the building is excellent as well and the patio trackitecture is outstanding.

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