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    Those fences around everything (like the upper fence part around the corkscrew coaster and every other fence like that one) are a bit too plain, i'd suggest variation like fence poles and such.

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    I agree about the fences, but a simple solution might be to add vertical poles every quarter tile. I think that will look nice here.


    Brilliant placement of the spaghetti bowl by the way, the obvious thing would be at the outskirts of a park, not in the centre. It works amazingly well!

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    That's what i meant, what about a full tile? I think that would look better.

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    Agreed. But besides that I kind of love this!
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    I'll say that I prefer most of this screen than your other besides for the foliage. Your architecture here has a little more character than the bland, 1x2 shacks that populate your parks. The restaurant and how it's composed is really damn good, i'll say. However, the foliage is weak underneath the spaghetti bowl and would look better if it were more clumped instead of spare bushes (refer to sulakke's pt4 prelim entry). 


    When the foliage is complete and as perfect as the stuff in the upper left corner (omg man), then i'll really be impressed. 70%

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    love this.  

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    I think it's important for me to point out again that I absolutely love everything about this park. Everything about this screen is great.

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    That spag bowl is gorgeous. I love it. I want it.

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    That bumper cars is gorgeous. The restaurant, or whatever the building with the glass door is, I think the rocks as footers are a bit overdone here.

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    I have nothing but positive words for this.  To me, changing a bit of fence or deco won't make a bit of difference.  The atmosphere is there, and that's what's important, I feel.

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