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    Love the concept of this, really interesting!

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    on the one hand I find the description funny and on the other... stereotypical, I guess? looks like a great park nonetheless, although I'm not sure lack of vitamins is the heart of america's health issues, more like overuse of bad stuff (they put vitamins all up in the bread and shit)

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    You're right. It was unnecessary to put the word 'American' before the word kids. But I like being stereotypical. It's a breath of fresh air away from my study of human geography where being stereotypical is a deadly sin.

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    As an American kid, I find it pretty funny. But that's probably because I've never had health issues

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    how many hours did you spent on this so far?

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    Sorry for the late reply, I am in year 92 now, and I think there will be a total of about 100 years spent on this since it's close to being finished. 
    I don't know how many hours that is. 

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    A park dedicated to teaching American kids about a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The only available food will be healthy and full of vitamins. Some of the rides will also produce their own sustainable energy to teach about the importance of a sustainable environment.

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