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    This is amazing, love your style!

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    Dope dope dope

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    so cool, those trees are amazing

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    Tired theme - exceptional execution. Your micro is getting better and better. The ornamentation on the main building is lovely. The lantern hanging from the tree on the right is a great touch. I'm not entirely convinced it's hanging though, maybe it's placed on the land behind? Maybe you can make that a little more clear.

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    I will never get tired of those trees, wow

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    Impeccable. Some of the best large-scale trees in the game right now.

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    Man this is beautiful. If I had one nitpick I would say the blue crystal objects on the ground don't feel totally necessary, but if they tie in with another area please ignore.

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    eerily charming! love the purple foliage and how the tree roots bend & blend.

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