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    damn thats tidy af


    not enough strollers 0/10

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    This is really good but I wonder if you might consider deviating from the rigid Disney-style large blank-rooved dark ride and lean more into dense semi-realism

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    Yeah, maybe it's just the screen but this feels like a lot of roof. Perhaps there's some more rct pleasing ways to pull that off.

    Otherwise I think it needs another detail pass around the paths and such to really liven it up but you're doing a great job with the archy.
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    Yeah, maybe it's just the screen but this feels like a lot of roof. Perhaps there's some more rct pleasing ways to pull that off.


    Maybe cutaway sections showing the interiors a la Pinocchio?

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    The pirate ship is really clean, it has a very nice elongated shape

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    Woah you're moving at pace with this! Yet again it gets me pretty excited for the park.


    There's tonnes to love about this screen from the mix of colourful buildings to the towers with the cannons, there's a really good balance here.


    Path choice is good throughout, perhaps some of the fences under the archway get lost because of contrast issues so I'm curious to know what's under the arches... is it a queue line that, or shops etc. Just hammer it home in terms of clarity.


    After that I think you could take this up a notch by adding more and more crunch, more detailing to the buildings (like your star wars area) and more peeps around the place, setting the scene. You have a few peeps on benches looking out which is really great... just more of that, potentially some frozen entertainers too.


    I'd also love to see some rum barrels or stuff ready to be loaded onto the ships. 


    Otherwise this is well on its way to being your signature release thus far! Great job!

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    Thanks for the comments guys. Definitely want to improve the look of the roof tops.. this building will be the biggest!!

    Peeps and cutaways will come later. Plan is to get the park filled with content, and then go back through and add path details, some cutaways, etc
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    This is great otter. So amazing to see you level up!


    Everything is beautiful and inviting. My only concern are the big massive rooves. They kind of scream for a roofless version of the park, or rather just hinted rooves around the edges that are then broken up to allow a look inside.

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    Nice work Otter, love the sail :)

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    nice work, to much roof tho. add some interiors

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    not sure why i didn't reply to this but i love it. super clean and warm feeling area - i think maybe some awning/overhangs over the path might be cool, it possibly feels a little TOO clean?

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    this is is so incredible, love the earthy vibe of the entire place

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    amazing composition, now clutter up the path with barrels, crates, rope, nets, treasure chests, all that stuff to make it look piratey, the base is down now get the extra stuff in to nail the atmosphere

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