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    There's something just slightly old school about this: stylistically, it feels very h2h6/ne olympics/pre-openrct2 era with the cleanness before micros meant palettes and suffocating a park with details.

    Those hot air balloons in the shape of lanterns are definitely very creative.

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    Still love the burning village <3

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    So many great things going on in these screens. This micro was such a huge step forward for you. You've got the details, the ideas, the storytelling, I think at this point it is just going to be getting more experience and projects under your belt to continue honing those skills.

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    This is so cool! Love the rock walls and how you used rocks and domes to build that huge cloud.
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    Very interesting cloud work, it's an incredibly hard element to do and yours are really good! If I had a criticism, it would be on the burning buildings, I think there are too many flames which takes a lot of space in the composition. Reducing the number of flames by half could have avoided this without losing the meaning of the scene and the idea behind it !

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    I agree with Babar Tapie on the flames. I thought it looked too boxy around the edges, but imagining it with less flames seems to make it feel less boxy, so that just might solve both things.

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