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    Very conceptual I love it, I was almost hoping the whole map would be exclusively white without the frost texture !

  • Gustav Goblin%s's Photo

    Almost wish you used a palette to desaturate the snow so everything is the same shade of white. It's almost there

  • Luketh%s's Photo

    I agree with Babar and the Goblin. The blue does throw it off a bit. Peeps could be made ice white that way as well!

  • Ge-Ride%s's Photo

    I think you could use a palette to desaturate it more or you could go the other route and throw in some icy blues and achieve an interesting effect that way.

  • Mulder%s's Photo

    love the color choices in this. gives a surreal feel, almost like the ground is the blue sky with clouds.

  • bigshootergill%s's Photo

    Cough cough, SnowPalette2, cough cough :p

  • Lurker%s's Photo

    I tried to make the snow whiter at first but couldn't find one that worked for what I wanted, I was also concerned that readability would be a problem, I wanted to have the park details stick out.

    But just now I tried SnowPalette2 on it and yeah, I wish I'd though to try it because it looks way better. I also like Ge-ride's icy blue suggestion. 

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