Screenshot / You spin my head right round


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    comment below
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    Oh wow

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    They should build this at six flags
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    A Schwarzkopf spiral-lift coaster that's also a mine-train coaster? That's awesome.

    Also love the flowered cacti and landscaping in general... gives off a semi-arid but not quite desert look.

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    these cactus flowers seem somehow totally sureal compared to the rest.

    The coaster idea is amazing

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    Neat & clean, love it :)
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    im really impressed

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    You've become one of the best parkmakers here very very quickly

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    This is the sort of screen that makes me 'dang it, why didn't I think of that?!'


    Love the execution and the spiral lift. But maybe the path can be spruced up a bit? A little bit of clutter, some benches and bins...

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    Easy 90% from me. I adore your style of parkmaking.

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    Like a record baby.


    Love the additions you've made since this screen dropped King!

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    Path is a bit bare.  Station archy is great.  Not sure the lift catwalk works here though.

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