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    Pretty nice. If I could have some critique I would say make sure the rockwork continues underwater. Right now it just appears to cut off at the waterline which looks kind of unrealistic. Overall pretty cool though.

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    Those queue coverings are HOT. Supports are perfect too.

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    very fred, very cool

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    Very solid and nice. A bit more relaxation in your work now because it feels like you're more on top of what you're doing, which is lovely. A big step, even if visually it doesn't make the most immediate or striking difference.

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    Lovely Fred, some of my favorite work from you, all around just really solid. Do wish you would do a bit more with the rock work and landscaping around the ride, the dirt is just kinda unsightly.
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    Loving the progress on this project Fred. Really my only gripe is the cobblestone path. I think you can find a better texture to replace that. 

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    Feels very FredD, but on a more refined, smaller scale. Good stuff.

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    Always love your work, it has a certain charm to it. Solid park making all around!

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    love this, although the waterfall feels a little synthetic... perhaps if it kind of curved round upwards diagonally under the top of the lift hill, a diagonal waterfall there would be really cool and feel a little less griddy i think

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