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    quite fun, maybe don't overtrim buildings or at least not all of them, also the path layout from an entrance point of view is kind of weird seeing you have a ride like that would create quite the bottleneck in the central walkway while there's 2 other tangents that feel less useful, i'd either open it up entirely to a plaza rather than 3 parallell lanes.

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    This is quite charming.  Reminds a bit of Dorney Park.  I would try swapping out that planter right after the entrance for a bit more prominent feature while maintaining a similar size.  I think a fountain in that spot could improve this even more.  otherwise, great work and look forward to seeing more from you.

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    I like the entrance... very classic looking.

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    Very quaint! My main issue is the same as BG's, the park layout is not very intuitive. 

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